Painting from Photos

Painting from Photos

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At Advanced Photo Lab, we can turn your pictures look like a traditional oil painting or any other media listed below.
sensu brush detail xWe don’t use filters or apps. Instead, our artist uses a specialized tablet and specialized stylus Brushes such as Sensu Brush, Wacom and other digital brushes to create brush strokes by hand to create the unique painting or drawing strokes.
The results are very beautiful and pleasing.
(see videos below for demontations)

Styles and media available:
  • Flat oil paint
  • Impasto OIl Paint (Thick oil effect)
  • Digital Pencil
  • Digital Chalk or Pastel
  • Digital Watercolor

We love to make paintings and bring smiles to the faces of our clients’ by delivering digital paintings of their favorite photos that last for years. 

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