acrylic photo book

Acrylic Photo Block

Acrylic Photo Blocks

Our Beautifully polished one inch thick acrylic blocks give your photos a very special modern look. More of a decorative object than a frame. Acrylic block stand stably by itself with no support.

Not only our inch thick acrylic glass does not detract from the original photo’s quality, in fact, it brings out the photo’s brilliance and depth. Every detail is crystal clear and the colors seem brighter.

At Advanced Photo Lab, make those snapshots into unforgettable memories with our modern Acrylic blocks that last and last. Photo is printed on metallic paper and glued on the back of an acrylic block.

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Available in 2 styles:
White back
No light will pass through from behind.


Transparent back
Block can be illuminated from behind.


5×7 6×6 8×10 8×12 16×4
$53.00 $53.00 $99.00 $108.00 $98.00

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