Metal Photo Prints

Lasting Memories: The Benefits of Metal Photo Prints

Metal photo prints capture those important moments in life. This method of photo printing is even longer lasting than it sounds. Folks of a certain age have memories of having to preserve photographs in an album. Anything could ruin these albums: the slightest drop of water, fading, tearing, and so many other threats. Too often, great memories were lost forever. Modern technology makes it possible to preserve pictures and more in “the cloud.” However, the cloud can’t be hung on someone’s wall. The cloud doesn’t make for an inviting piece of art work when guests enter a home. The best way to turn memories into lasting art is metal prints.

These Kinds of Prints are Easily Cleaned, So They Can Always Look Good

It can be frustrating when pictures that you spent a lot of time putting together get smudged or stained. Unfortunately, when some modern prints are cleaned the graphics and text can be wiped away too quickly and easily. That doesn’t happen with metal prints, however. High quality metal prints can be cleaned simply, using only common household items. However, what sets metal photo prints apart from other kinds of prints is that they won’t smudge or be erased. They can be cleaned over and over, and they’ll look just as great as the day they were hung up. This trait makes metal prints the absolute perfect kind of artwork for homes with lots of kids or pets.

Some Photo Prints Can Be Difficult to Hang; These Aren’t

When one hears “metal photo prints,’ the name sounds like the prints are too heavy and difficult to lift or carry. However, these prints are made out of lightweight metals. So, they can be easily hung up without the help of movers. This also makes metal prints easy to move around the home, should the homeowner change their mind about the interior décor. Different prints can be hung in the summer or winter. If there are renovations to a home, metal prints can be rearranged to fit into the new décor style. Their lightweight ensures that the home always looks like the homeowner wants it to.

The Trademark of These Prints: Durability

It takes years of exposure to sunlight to make metal prints fade. In fact, it’s decades in most cases. So these photo prints will look good all year round for many years. Beyond that, they also won’t be damaged by heat. That makes them a perfect fit for the high temperatures in the south and anywhere else. These prints are also deeply scratch-resistant. Just as it’s difficult to scratch metal, it’s difficult to scratch these photo prints. Of course, no matter what, the colors are vibrant and truly evocative. To see these prints is to be transported. Advanced Photo Lab offers prints that live up to the name “Advanced.” For those who want to celebrate daily the memories that should be kept forever, the best solution is metal photo prints.