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Print + Mount + Lamination + Frame

Images printed on paper of your choice, mounted on 3/16” foam core, laminated, and framed with metal picture frames by Nielsen.




Nielsen Frame

Nothing equals the durability, contemporary style and economy of weight like a metal picture frame from Nielsen. This fine company, which outsources nothing, controlling every phase of metal picture frame production in-house, has been producing the world’s finest lightweight aluminum picture frames for over a quarter-century.

Metal picture frames by Nielsen are made from the highest quality aluminum molding that has been anodized for maximum durability and long-lasting beauty. These aluminum photography frames and picture frames for paintings are easy to use.

Nielsen picture frames are inspired by the Bauhaus School of Architecture, which gained prominence in Germany around the turn of the 20th century as a reaction to the baroque excesses of the Victorian Age. Its clean, sleek, minimalist lines are at home with a wide range of décor and surroundings. Aluminum is a metal that offers a high strength-to-weight ratio, and can thus be used for the largest paintings. Nielsen metal picture frames are an excellent choice for framing.


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The best way to protect your mounted prints from dust, moisture and UV rays is to laminate them. Advanced Photo Lab’s lamination service will help maintain the quality of your prints for an extended period.