Premium Flush Mount AlbumPremium Flush Mount Album

The Premium Flush Mount Album is available in a variety of finest leather and fabric choices and are the best quality found on the market. Just like our Standard Flush Mount Album, it is printed on Kodak Professional Endura Paper but is bound differently. Premium flush mount albums not only have thicker pages, but come in a larger variety of sizes, cover materials, and colors. This album can be ordered in any custom size, from 4x6 to 12x18 inches, and the price will be determined by the next size up. For example, if you ask for a 9.5x13 album the cost will be for 11x14.

Thickness of each page is 1.4 mm and a 30 page album including cover will be 4.1 cm (1.625 inches) thick.

Printing + Binding:

Premium Flush Mount Album

Sides/Pages 8 x 10 10 x 10 11 x 14 12 x 12 12 x 18
20 S/20 P 180.00 195.00 240.00 240.00 350.00
30 S/30 P 230.00 250.00 315.00 315.00 465.00
40 S/40 P 280.00 305.00 390.00 390.00 580.00
50 S/50 P 330.00 360.00 465.00 465.00 695.00
Additional page 5.00 5.50 7.50 7.50 11.50

Premium Flush Mount Album

Turn around time: 5 business days

Designing service is not included. Please add $7 per page for design, if you decide to let us design your album.



We ship worldwide.
Ship your album anywhere in the U.S for $18.00 (standard shipping).

Available Colors:

Premium Flush Mount Album



Cameo $30.00 Premium Flush Mount Album
Premium Genuine Leather $50.00 Premium Flush Mount Album
Imprint (up to 2 lines) $22.00 Premium Flush Mount Album
Cover  Laminated photo $40.00 Premium Flush Mount Album
Cover with plaxiglass face mounted photo $60.00 Premium Flush Mount Album
Designer Album $80.00 alt
10x10 Premium Plexi
8x10 Premium Plexi
8x10 Premium embossed
10x10 Premium gold embossed
10x10 Designer
12x12 Designer
8x10 Designer