Photo Retouching

When your photos are moldy, cracked and brittle it is important to act quickly to avoid further deterioration or damage. The sooner the photo is scanned into a digital format, the more you will save in photo restoration costs.

Restoration work is done on a digital copy of your photo, which is then printed on high quality photo paper and the original is returned to you unchanged.

When you have original photo up to 8 X 10 in good condition with no damage, then copy prices are:

Sizes Prices
5" X 7" 9.00
8" X 10" 13.00
8" X 12" 13.00
11" X 14" 25.00
12" X 18" 35.00
16" X 20" 45.00
20" X 24" 60.00
24" X 30" 85.00
30" X 40" 95.00
When your photo is damaged and needs restoration work, we must see the photos to give you an estimate.
Minimum cost for minor restoration is $20.00